Doug Melanson Park

The Schools of Milton

The site on which the new Doug Melanson Park is being constructed can trace its community history back to 1864, when the first school was constructed. The cost was defrayed by private subscription, but in December 1864, before its completion, the building burned to the ground. Arson was suspected. 

In 1864 the House of Assembly passed a law allowing sections to tax residents for school purposes. In 1865 a replacement building of 4 rooms was constructed . Another wing was added later and the building became two and one half stories, with a large hall at the top.

By 1959 the original school was in very bad repair and a new Milton Elementary School, was constructed in front of the old building. Students moved into it in November 1959. The new school was a one-story, flat roofed, wooden building, with 8 class rooms and was painted yellow with blue trim. The walls were light pastel colours, there were lots windows and movable desks. Everyone thought it was wonderful!

Time moves on, the new became old, and as the enrolment in the school had declined the Milton Elementary School was closed in 1999. The area students joined the children from the Hebron Elementary School in a brand new Meadowfields Community School on Prospect St.

Old Milton School

Milton Elementary School 1865-1959

Newer Milton School

Milton Elementary School 1959-1999